As an essential part of our service proposals, we offer complete support in Risk Management Systems for our clients, during the design and/or operation of production facilities, for planning and developing different types of analysis and risk assessments, in accordance with our client's needs.

We accomplish this by rendering the following services:

Preparation, development and consulting of world class risk management systems based on the latest technology available, in order to implement effective risk based decision-making systems. In particular, the implementation of effective PSM systems based on international recognized standards.

We fully understand the complexities of implementing risk management systems, and how they interrelate with other functional areas of the organization. Therefore, we are prepared to assist in the conceptualization, development and implementation of such systems.

Preparation and implementation of effective safety best practices, including procedures, technical guides, and engineering standards, for engineering, operation, maintenance and construction.

Best practices are essential to achieving proper training, and for the safe and efficient performance of engineering, operation, maintenance and construction tasks. In consequence, these are one of the key aspects to implementing a world class Risk Management System, capable of controlling hazards and reducing risks.

Very much linked with the previous services, we can develop technical safety philosophies for project design, prevention and mitigation systems, fire and gas detection systems, fire protection systems, Management of Change, etc.

Preparation and execution of risk assessment studies, including quantitative risk assessment, and validation and verification of any kind of risk assessment studies. We also prepare all types of safety studies, and in general any type of safety report, to ensure soundness and quality.

In the area of safety in design, we can provide in-situ services to perform:

Application of Inherent Safety Concepts to modifications & projects to expedite fundamental reductions in risk

Hazard Identification Studies (HAZOP, HAZID, etc.)

Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment Studies.